How To Launch & Scale A Successful Brand You Own By Leveraging The $Trillion Power of Amazon in 2020


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To experience true freedom, to live a life you love and make an impact on the world you don’t simply need more money. You need what money creates: time.
Most people think that what they need to live a life they love is more money. 
"The more money I have, the more freedom I can enjoy."
Yet so many people still trade so much of the world’s most precious commodity - time - in order to work a job they don’t enjoy simply to earn enough to get by. Maybe by working hard for promotions and pay rises they might be able to afford “freedom moments” - a temporary escape from the reality of life.
They sacrifice time with family and friends, vacations and experiences in pursuit of a bank balance that they hope will one day create the life they dream of.
But what if freedom didn’t have to be confined to isolated moments every so often and didn’t have to wait until you were 65? What if freedom could actually be an everyday lifestyle? 
If you want to build a freedom lifestyle - a life where you have the time to do things that you love - to choose how to spend your time, you must create your own source of income.

If your future is tied to a job you don’t enjoy, isn’t making an impact and isn’t providing security for your future, then you’re not going to experience a freedom lifestyle.

The good news? There is another way.

Today you’re going to discover the blueprint of leveraging the world’s largest online retailer to not just launch, but to scale a business you own, that produces cashflow that enables you to live life on your terms now - travel the world, take time off, give back back to charity and watch your kids grow up - whilst also building an asset of value that prepares you financially for your future
Even if you have no previous business experience, you can do this.
Wherever you are in the world, you can do this.
If you are 20, 40 or 70… whatever age you are, you can do this!
Even if you are in a job you love, that is impacting the world, you can still do this
This isn't about quitting your job - this is about building a source of income that allows to you to trade less time for money and more for what matters most.

In order to stop trading time for money you need to build an income stream that works even when you don’t.

You need to own a business that doesn’t own you.

One of the greatest opportunities on the planet today for building a real business that can make a real change is a physical products brand that leverages online retail
In 2018, just 12.2% of all retail was conducted online. Yet consistently we hear reports in the news regarding the rapid growth of online retail, and the decline of outdated, overpriced brick and mortar stores.
Online retail is projected to grow to a 22% market share by 2023 - almost double what it is now. We are only at the very beginning of the retail revolution meaning now is an incredible time to get involved in building something for the future.
The company that is on the forefront of this online retail explosion is, of course, Amazon. $1/4trillion in sales in 2018 and there are no signs of the growth slowing down. More and more consumers flock to the convenience and diverse range of the flagship Prime prime service. 
A recent eMarketer study claimed that nearly twice as many millennials shop on Amazon in comparison to baby boomers - suggesting Amazon’s growth rate will continue to rise in the days ahead.

What if, instead of paying Amazon for products, Amazon paid you to sell products on their platform?

Through the Fulfilled By Amazon program, Amazon provides “small” retailers like myself (and hopefully soon to be you) an incredible opportunity to do just that. The game has truly changed.

To Build A Brand 10 Years Ago...

  • You had to buy or lease warehouse space to store your inventory
  • Hire a web developer spending $1000s for a clunky website 
  • Spend large sums on marketing in search of interested buyers
  • Serve a small, localised audience that you could economically ship products to
  • Pick, pack and ship all orders in-house and deal with any returns

Today, By Leveraging Amazon FBA...

  • You can build a brand of high quality products you’re proud to represent
  • Serve multitudes of ready and waiting customers on a global scale with little to no external marketing
  • Never have to touch a unit of inventory or ship a single order yourself
  • Meaning as long as you have an internet connection, you can run this business from wherever you are in the world!


I'm not an Amazon fanboy... In fact I don't really care too much about Amazon at all. No offence Jeff Bezos, but my goal isn't an "Amazon Business". My goal is building a real brand that impacts the world and helps build a life I love. I want to help you do the same. It just so happens that Amazon is the best opportunity for doing that today.

Amazon is a just a vehicle. Amazon is leverage.

"Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum upon which to place it and I’ll move the world.”

Archimedes of Syracuse

Leverage Changes Everything

Archimedes understood that anything could be moved if you just had the right leverage. 
It’s time to stop leveraging our time for money, and start leveraging a business for more time. The Amazon FBA model allows you to focus on… whilst never holding inventory…
Don’t get me wrong, this "freedom lifestyle" isn’t a walk in the park - it doesn’t happen over night. It’s the result of building a real business of real value. But don’t underestimate the size of this opportunity… recap opp.
But with every opportunity, comes a choice

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I’ll spend the first four sharpening my axe.”

Abraham Lincoln

President Lincoln was on to something. He understood what most fail to stop and consider. Whilst the crowd wants to use every minute available on working hard to achieve the goal, the entrepreneur understands that real success, real impact, and achieving truly worthwhile goals requires a smarter approach. 
In light of this reality, the way I see it...

If you want to stop trading time for money and build a brand you own and a life you love, you’ve got three choices:

Choice 1: Do Nothing.

Take no action towards building your new future. The tree of transformation is too daunting. No hard feelings if this is the choice you make, but please, for the sake of your future, don’t allow yourself to trade vast amounts of precious time for things that matter little. Remember; if nothing changes, nothing changes.

Choice 2: Start Chopping.

Do what the crowd are doing. Get busy. Work hard, but not necessarily smart. Trade more and more time on outdated tutorials with no support creating more questions than get answered. Potentially make costly mistakes that could have easily been avoided with a sharper axe. Ultimately realise that information alone won’t help you to succeed.

Choice 3: Start Sharpening.

Focus first on the biggest impact on your success: you. Sharpen yourself with cutting-edge knowledge, surround yourself with proven mentoring, arm your war chest with valuable resources that help you avoid costly mistakes, fast track your growth and provide a potential return on your investment far greater than the cost of enrolment.

If you are ready to make Choice 3, then I want to make you a limited-time offer better than anything you’ve seen before.

Introducing: The New & Improved Amazon Masters

"Ben provides the exact framework needed to build a real, profitable Amazon FBA business.

I know for a fact I would have had nowhere near the same level of success with my business if it wasn't for Ben's vast amount of knowledge, expertise and most importantly support that can only be offered from someone who truly cares about your success. As a result, I've been able to quit my job and now run a successful FBA business that is on track to turnover 6 figures within 1 year, freeing up my time to focus on things I'm truly passionate about. What Ben provides as part of his training and mentorship is second to none."

To see more examples of student results and feedback about the Amazon Masters, click here.

The Amazon Masters is a transformational program that does more than teach - it continually sharpens you as an entrepreneur and a business owner for the journey ahead. It provides training far beyond simple product research methods and goes deep into the mentalities, systems, and practices of building a real brand that becomes a real asset.

To help you do that, The Amazon Masters consists of Five Crucial Dimensions:

Dimension #1: Interactive Online Training

12 on-demand modules of in-depth training designed to get you results. From getting set up hassle-free to launching your first product with momentum and managing your finances for growth - watch over my shoulder as I walk you through in real time how I’ve built a 6-figure and growing brand on Amazon.
I continue to launch new products on a regular basis meaning I’m always on the cutting edge of what is working. If something is changing on Amazon, then it’s being updated inside the Amazon Masters! Enrolment includes lifetime access with continual updates.
Learn at your own pace wherever you have an internet connection. Take advantage of the question and answer feature within each individual lesson providing you with real-time feedback on your learning.
Highlights include:
  • The TOP SECRET product research method I use to leverage Amazon’s unique business proposition and identify high volume opportunities with incredibly low barriers to entry (this one method will separate you from 95% of the competition!)
  • EXTRA BONUS product research methods that may surprise you - we recently used one of these methods to launch a new brand with a wide range of different low competition product opportunities!
  • The CUT PRICE launch method I created myself and am using that helps me get reviews and launch products at a fraction of the price of a normal product launch.
  • The 8 MOST IMPORTANT words in sales and how you can use them to sell more products, dramatically increase revenue and grow profit margins.
  • How I negotiate the BEST PRICES with overseas suppliers and ensure I don’t get scammed (I’ve never had a problem with a supplier to this day using these methods)
  • How I DIFFERENTIATE my products allowing me to charge MORE than my competition and how you can too!
  • REAL-TIME look inside some of my current and LIVE PPC campaigns to see what is working and what isn’t, how I optimise to avoid wasting money and get low cost and high revenue advertising.
  • How to OPTIMISE your product specification specifically for the Amazon FBA program in order to save 1,000s in Amazon fees (don’t make the same mistakes I did!)

Want To Take A Tour?

For a full guided walkthrough behind the scenes of the Members Training Portal and a comprehensive module-by-module list of contents, click below.

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Dimension #2: Masters Mentorship Program

Information alone will only get you so far.

What you need in your corner is support, guidance and direction from others who have gone before you.

This is not an isolated training program delivered by a distant instructor with little interest in your personal progress, creating vast amounts of unanswered questions.

The Amazon Masters is built upon proven mentoring.

Myself and my team are dedicated to helping you build a real business by taking advantage of this real opportunity buoyed by the knowledge that we’ve been there. In fact we are still there. We are in the trenches with you, practicing what we teach and want to coach you to success. 

This isn’t some regurgitated collection of mis-matched tutorials. This is a complete transformational package that comes with our personal support included throughout your whole journey.
As a member of the Amazon Masters you get full access to me, my team and our continued journey. Any time your questions aren’t being answered by the training, or you need specific tailored advice based on your situation you can reach out to me.
Don't settle for anything less than the best support on your journey - read more from current Masters members about the kind of support I’m proud to offer by clicking here.

Dimension #3: The Amazon Masters Community

If you want to go fast then go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.

As part of the Amazon Masters Member Community you will find all the support required to go further, faster. 

Within this interactive group you will find a community that we are continually fostering to be helpful, supportive and encouraging. You can ask questions of your fellow business builders and find many at the same stage as you on the journey to be a source of encouragement and collaboration.

As the old saying goes - iron sharpens iron and there is a vast amount of sharpening that takes place within the private member mastermind environment. Make new friends, connect with others who share your drive and your dreams, and grow together towards your goals.
Imagine being able to run this race alongside not just one successful seller, but a whole community all moving forward together. That all becomes possible inside the exclusive Masters Member Community!

To see more examples of student results and feedback about the Amazon Masters, click here.

Dimension #4: Masters Resource Vault

A treasure trove of essential resources for building a highly profitable Amazon FBA business. 
Firstly, explore the Masters Rolodex - where I open up my personal list of trusted and vetted contacts and services - freight forwarders, copywriters, design services, discounted software tools and more, meaning you can work with partners you trust from the outset.
Next you can swipe and customise powerful spreadsheet tools my team and I have built for our own business. These include profit calculators, demand assessors, and cashflow tools designed to reduce stress in managing your growing business.
You’ll also get access to proven, done-for-you templates to ensure agreements are watertight, communication is professional from day one, and you can have confidence in your authority to build your brand when dealing with experienced companies. Templates include supplier contact, customer follow up, influencer outreach, purchase contracts and more.
And you’ll also be supplied with detailed and customisable checklists that help you easily keep track of progress, reducing any sense of overwhelm when launching your brand.

Get Started On Building Your New Future

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Dimension #5: Limited Time Mega Bonus Package

On top of the already jam-packed program, I am offering seven exclusive limited-time bonuses to help kick-start your journey and accelerate growth.

Bonus #1: Plug & Play Process Library

£395 Value

When we talk about leverage, systems and building a real business that creates freedom in your life we aren’t playing around. This is serious business building resource for a serious business builder.

15+ essential processes in an Amazon business documented for you meaning you can hit the ground running with little wasted time. In future you'll also be able to hand these to a team to onboard them quickly too.

Bonus #2: Elite Expansion Bundle

£495 Value

Launched a successful product and got others in the works? The journey doesn’t stop there. Learn the keys to expanding internationally, building a team, and position your brand for a large exit with this bundle of follow-on mini-courses included in your enrolment.

Each of these "expansion packs" will equip you for scaling your business to new heights and delivering the freedom you are looking for.

Bonus #3: Group Coaching Calls

£495 Value

Always a highlight in the Masters community, once a month we gather on a live coaching call to discuss latest strategies, answer burning questions and grow together as a community. You can ask questions in real time, and get a long-form, detailed answer to the pressing challenges you are facing in your business right now. 
If you aren’t able to make this month’s call - don’t worry! All calls get recorded and uploaded to the members’ portal so you can catch up with them at a later date. 

Bonus #4: Product Validation System

£295 Value

Identifying a product opportunity you are ready to part with hard-earned cash to make a reality can be a big, and sometimes scary step.
Enter my Product Validation System, designed to enable you to develop product opportunities and order inventory with confidence - without the fear of sourcing a dud.
Using the tool, I will work with you to ensure the opportunities identified are worth pursuing.

Bonus #5: Free Subscription To Helium10

£49 Value

The Helium10 suite of tools is my go-tool resource for minimising time working and maximising profits on Amazon. This suite of tools will become a daily go-to for you as a brand builder on Amazon.
To speed up your product research process and equip you with this powerful tool from the outset, I’m covering the cost of your first month with Helium10’s product research software. Simply follow the instructions from within the members portal to redeem your free month.

Bonus #6: Logo Creation For Your Brand

£199 Value

Getting your brand created and launched is easier than it ever has been. However there are still some hoops to jump through and elements to get created. The main element you need created to get your brand launched is a logo.
As part of the Amazon Masters package, you will also get one logo creation coupon. Our team of designers will create an eye-catching logo for you ready to be placed on your first product as you launch your brand! Another vital task that can be crossed off the list (and the budget!) when you join the Amazon Masters today.

Bonus #7: Amazon Masters App (Coming Soon)


The training content within Amazon Masters is entirely on-demand. You study at your own pace, as and when you have time available to you. Currently, this content is available wherever you have an internet connection via browser - tablets and mobile included.
Soon however, we will be launching the Amazon Masters content on a native mobile app that you can install on your phone, have easier access to, and learn as you go all the more conveniently. 

Bonus #8: 2x Personal Coaching Calls (VERY Few Available)


Back by popular demand, for a limited time only - two personal coaching calls with me to walk you through any challenges you are facing.

Building a business comes with its own unique set of challenges, but with me personally at hand to support you on the way, you can feel confident and equipped for any challenge that lies ahead. 

Please note: I can only offer so many of these as there is only one of me! Once the spots are filled, they are filled.

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Still Not Sure?

You might still be thinking, 'What if this doesn't work out?' Good news, I've got you covered. To eliminate this sense of risk for you, I offer one of the most generous guarantees you will have ever seen for a training program

90-Day More Than Your Money Back Guarantee

I'm so confident in the ability of the complete Amazon Masters package to deliver on everything it promises - based on over 200 happy customers and zero complaints to date - that I'm willing to do something most would deem crazy.

If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with your purchase, simply reach out to me within 90 days of enrolment letting me know. I'll refund all payments made for the Amazon Masters.

PLUS I'll also cover the cost of any product sample fees you have incurred (up to $100, proof required)!

There are no restrictions on how much training content you can consume to be eligible for a refund - I've realised that information alone is not the most valuable aspect of this training. I believe it's the best training available in the industry right now, but the incredible value in the Amazon Masters is not in the training alone but the entire package of resource, mentoring and community.

90 days. More than your money back. No content restrictions. I really can't say fairer than that.

All I ask is that you take this seriously. Please don't waste your time or mine if you're not willing to work hard, make sacrifices and be dedicated to building an incredible new future.

This is NOT a get rich quick opportunity. This is a work hard, build for the future, be patient, and reap the rewards opportunity. If you're willing to take action then this is one of the most generous guarantees you'll ever get. Full terms here.



I can't keep this complete package, bonus structure, generous guarantee and price available forever. Take action now whilst this offer still exists

OK, So How Much Is My Investment?

The good news is, this business requires far less capital investment than most average businesses.


The average brick and mortar shop costs $30-50,000 to open.


The average hipster cafe costs $50-70,000 to open.


The average gym costs $100,000+ to start!

Today, you can get started building a brand you own for a fraction of that expense.

When Creating The Amazon Masters, I Had Two Choices...

Limited Information

Create a "course" containing limited information and include rare updates to the content to ensure it stays within Amazon's terms of service. Rarely update strategies, provide little support beyond the initial training and ultimately create a bargain basement program with little hope of getting more than bargain basement results.

Complete Transformation

Or I could compile the best training available anywhere, consistently update it with the leading strategies to equip you for success and provide way more than information alone can: the mentoring, support, community, and resources to give you the best chance possible for complete transformation.

I chose complete transformation, and once you experience the Amazon Masters I know you'll be glad I did. When you consider the £100,000s I have invested in testing everything I teach, along with a continued growth in my brands, the fact that I am bringing you on this journey with me and giving you full access to myself and my team, the value is staggering. 

The value of the aspects that can have a monetary value placed on them alone is £5,008, before you even consider the priceless aspects of this experience.

But today, you can get started for far less than the actual value. 


To get access to the full Amazon Masters package including the 12-Module online training, mentorship program, Masters community, resource vault and limited time bonus package, your investment today is just £495 £395.
(Limited Time Only, USD option & payment plan also available).


This is a one-time fee with no recurring charges. You get full, lifetime access to the Amazon Masters including all future updates.

You might think this is expensive. I get it, it certainly isn't bargain basement. This is a serious business opportunity, and it requires investment.

To start just about any business that has the hope of delivering even a fraction of the financial or time freedom you're looking for, you'll need to make an investment. Often, one of the most important investments we can make is in ourselves.

Are you willing to invest in yourself, in your business, and in the future of you and your loved ones? 

To see more examples of student results and feedback about the Amazon Masters, click here.

Let's Recap.

When you join the Amazon Masters today, you get:


>>   12 Module Interactive Online Training (£995 Value)

>>   Personal Dedicated Masters Mentorship  (£995 Value)

>>   Supportive & Encouraging Masters Community (£595 Value)

>>   The Amazon Masters Resource Vault (£495 Value)

>>   Bonus 1: Essential Process Library (£395 Value)

>>   Bonus 2: Mini-Course Bundle (£495 Value)

>>   Bonus 3: Group Coaching Calls (£495 Value)

>>   Bonus 4: Product Validation System (£295 Value)

>>   Bonus 5: Free Software (£49 Value)

>>   Bonus 6: Logo Creation (£199 Value)

>>   Bonus 7: Mobile App (priceless!)

>>   Bonus 8: 2x Personal Coaching Calls (priceless!) 

Yours today for just £495 £395
(Limited Time Discount, Payment Plan & USD option also available)

So, The Choice Is Yours...

Start Chopping

Get to work. Start working hard. Learn from every free resource you can, ask questions wherever possible hoping the answers will come. Do your best to avoid expensive mistakes easily avoided with the right guidance.

Start Sharpening

Follow a proven path laid out by experienced mentors. Work smart and allow iron to sharpen iron by journeying with a successful community. Make a small investment today towards a big change in your future.

"It all sounds great, but I just don't have the money, energy, or time right now"

...then you're not making a choice at all. You're letting your circumstances make your choices for you. 

You see, our "circumstances" are mostly in our heads. They're time and money excuses we make because we're not willing to step up and play a bigger game. 

Greatness and success don't care about your circumstances. 

Success always finds a way.

Get Sharpening Today.

One Time Payment, Lifetime Access & Continual Updates

Pay in GBP


one time payment


  • 12 Core Modules w/ Lifetime Access
  • Masters Mentorship Program
  • Exclusive Masters Community
  • Masters Resource Vault
  • Bonus 1: Process Library
  • Bonus 2: Expansion Bundle
  • Bonus 3: Coaching Calls
  • Bonus 4: Validation System
  • Bonus 5: Helium10 Software
  • Bonus 6: Logo Creation
  • Bonus 7: Mobile App
  • Bonus 8: Personal Coaching

Pay in USD


one time payment


  • 12 Core Modules w/ Lifetime Access
  • Masters Mentorship Program
  • Exclusive Masters Community
  • Masters Resource Vault
  • Bonus 1: Process Library
  • Bonus 2: Expansion Bundle
  • Bonus 3: Coaching Calls
  • Bonus 4: Validation System
  • Bonus 5: Helium10 Software
  • Bonus 6: Logo Creation
  • Bonus 7: Mobile App
  • Bonus 8: Personal Coaching

Prefer To Spread The Cost?

Three Monthly Payments, Lifetime Access & Continual Updates

Pay in GBP


mo (x3)


  • 12 Core Modules w/ Lifetime Access
  • Masters Mentorship Program
  • Exclusive Masters Community
  • Masters Resource Vault
  • Bonus 1: Process Library
  • Bonus 2: Expansion Bundle
  • Bonus 3: Coaching Calls
  • Bonus 4: Validation System
  • Bonus 5: Helium10 Software
  • Bonus 6: Logo Creation
  • Bonus 7: Mobile App
  • Bonus 8: Personal Coaching

Pay in USD


mo (x3)

Top features

  • 12 Core Modules w/ Lifetime Access
  • Masters Mentorship Program
  • Exclusive Masters Community
  • Masters Resource Vault
  • Bonus 1: Process Library
  • Bonus 2: Expansion Bundle
  • Bonus 3: Coaching Calls
  • Bonus 4: Validation System
  • Bonus 5: Helium10 Software
  • Bonus 6: Logo Creation
  • Bonus 7: Mobile App
  • Bonus 8: Personal Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

With the complete Amazon Masters package I have tried to provide you with every resource you will need to get started. The only things left to allocate investment to are inventory and marketing.

Most new sellers start with between £500 to £3,000 for inventory. I encourage new sellers to start small, learn the process and build up from there.

Then when it comes to marketing most new sellers spend between £100 to £500 initially which covers some paid traffic and product images.

Then this is the perfect opportunity for you! The majority of the members within the Amazon Masters had little to no experience in eCommerce before starting this journey.

It should not be a reason to hold you back. Amazon themselves provide a lot of the backbone to your business that would otherwise be impossible without experience.

Then in the Amazon Masters I take you by the hand and walk you through the process step-by-step. I'm here with you every step of the way!

Most new sellers find themselves spending 1-2 hours each day in the early stages. This involves learning, researching and contacting suppliers.

Once you are a little more established you can scale back the time you are spending on a single product by leveraging the systems I teach you in the Amazon Masters. Then you can choose to focus on other work or continue to build your new brand.

You can sell on Amazon from wherever you are in the world. Given that you can ship products directly to an Amazon warehouse from your supplier you never have to touch a unit of inventory, nor ship any orders yourself. 

In the Global Expansion mini-course I show you exactly how to expand your brand into marketplaces you don't live in so you can sell products all around the world from wherever you are.

In order to open an Amazon Seller Central Account you need to be 18 years old. If you are younger than 18 and want to start a brand selling products on Amazon you will need to consider partnering with a parent or guardian.

The Amazon Masters comes with a 90-Day "More Than Your Money Back" Guarantee. Meaning that if for whatever reason you aren't satisfied with the program, simply contact us within 90 days and we will issue you a refund covering your total payments to date PLUS up to $100 of any sample expenses (proof of payment required).

Still Got Questions? Want To Chat?

I get it, it's a big decision. I want you to be 100% confident in making this decision. If you want to discuss the program more and ensure it's the right fit for you, just reach out.

Simply message me on Facebook via the bottom corner of this page, send me an email, or fill in the form and I will get right back to you.

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