Amazon Q4 2018: How To Win With FBA [Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Christmas]

Uncategorized Nov 01, 2018
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Hey friend,
Welcome to today’s blog where we are going to be talking all about Christmas! Yayyyyy.
HOLD ON! Before all you humbugs get disgruntled about how Christmas starts earlier eery year, we're going to be talking about how to prepare for Q4 (Black Friday, Cyber Monday and December in general) when selling on Amazon FBA. 
See in the UK the clocks recently went back by an hour in preparation for winter (booo).
And when this happens, as the nights draw in and it gets dark by lunchtime, people naturally start to think of the end of year festivities. As they do, they turn their thoughts to Christmas shopping. And that's where we come in!
Our private label businesses are already getting replies to our follow up emails (check out Feedback Whiz for a great tool to automate this) from people stating they will be happy to leave a review, but it will need to wait until after Christmas as the purchase is a gift.
If you're anything like me (roll on Christmas Eve shopping) you are seriously impressed by this ability to plan this far in advanced. But plenty of people are doing, traffic is beginning to rise, and here lie my 6 greatest tips for making the most of all this traffic when selling on Amazon FBA UK:
The reality is, if you don't have stock already on the way to Amazon, you are most likely too late to make the most of Q4 - particularly Black Friday weekend. If you're just about to ship by Express Air - depending when you read this - you may stand an outside chance.
But nevertheless, do all you can to have as much inventory available for sale as possible by the beginning of this season.
Use this valuable real estate Amazon gives you by highlighting the gift-ability of your product (if applicable). Show your beautiful packaging and highlight it comes in a "gift" box. Show photos of it coming out of the Amazon gift wrapping - get creative and show people what a great gift this could be.
Remember to ensure you have the 'can be gift wrapped' options checked in Seller Central.
NOW is the time to ensure you are ranking as highly as possible for as many keywords as possible. Whether your strategy is aggressive PPC, giveaways, Facebook ads, influencer marketing or a combination of them - get it happening now. When Black Friday rolls around you want to be as high as you possibly can in rankings to make the most of the huge spikes in traffic.
4. PPC
In the Q4 craziness PPC can be a challenge to manage. Bidding wars commence and everyone is fighting hard for those lucrative prominent positions. If you are experienced with PPC and want to be aggressive with your strategy, this can be a profitable time. 
But what I would also suggest considering is an alternative approach. Rather than blitzing through your budget in the first few hours of the day, why not trial decreasing your max bid amount to take advantage of all the extra traffic once your competitors run out of their budget due to much higher bids. 
It's something that should be trialled, and kept a close eye on in order to not miss out on any opportunities, but definitely worth considering.
As Q4 craziness kicks in and demand is through the roof, supply is naturally going to decline. This gives you a chance to bump up your price a little to healthier margins (again, with testing and close monitoring) and fully make the most of this festive season. Do be careful not to raise your price too quickly or Amazon may take the buy box from you.
Don't get so caught up in the Christmas commotion that you forget January is just around the corner. Do what's necessary to ensure more stock is coming in to restock the "shelves" for January. You also need to remember Chinese New Year is also approaching in February and you will want to make sure you get stock in before this date as well. I'll make another post about how to do that effectively in the next few weeks.
I hope these 6 keys help make your Q4 selling on Amazon FBA UK and absolute game-changer! As ever, if I can help with anything or you want to know more about anything discussed here, just reach out.
Talk soon,

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